Zack's Anger Diary: We're All Being Lied To

Dear Diary …

Ugh. I just hate being lied to like I’m some kind of dummy. And really it’s our own fault, because we SAY that we want the truth, but then when we hear the truth, we don’t like the truth, so then we basically say “lie to me, please!”

Just go to the grocery store because it has now become aisles and aisle of lies because we don’t wanna accept the fact that things cost more now because of stupid COVID, stupid inflation, stupid government, stupid whatever. So the reality is … things cost more. Something that used to be $2, now needs to cost $3 … but we don’t like that … we whine and cry “but I only wanna spend $2!”

So because of that, every product is hollowed out, carved out, or just plain left out and replaced with air, just so our dumb brains can say “oh look … this still costs $2!”

I bought toothpaste the other day and I swear to you … half that tube is just a bunch of air … used it like two times and I was already havin’ to squoze the whole thing down to bend it and flip it just to get the toothpaste out.

I’m sorry, but I’d rather spend an extra dollar than have to use a half moon of soap and have a peanut butter jar with a bunch of weird indentations on the bottom that refuse to give up the last morsels of peanut butter and every other goofy lie container that we've allowed.

And the lies continue down every aisle … “double roll of toilet paper” … man … that’s the biggest scam out there. Double roll as compared to what? Half a roll? Cuz if I buy the double roll, it don’t last twice as a long. And the triple roll? If you’re gonna sit there and actually believe those lies, well then I’m the Prince of Nigeria and you need to kindly remit me $10,000 for to which I can reclaim my kingly royalty of crowns.

Diary … let me ask you another thing … Why do we allow things to be created in such a stupid and impractical way that ends up costing us money?

Here’s what I mean by this … ever had to have something repaired or replaced on your car?

What’s the same thing they tell you every time?

“Well that part is in a really hard to reach place, so it’s gonna cost more to get it fixed. The part only costs 4 cents but it’s gonna cost $900 in labor.” BULL-PUCKY!!

Why is it always in a hard to reach spot? Nobody ever says “Oh yeah … that part is right on top … no problem. Fixed. Ta-da!”

And I think we all know why … MONEY. They can charge more, and our stupid faces just go ahead and pay more because we have no choice.

That’s my biggest frustration when it comes to money is you basically spend 99% of your life dealing with money. First you work to try to earn it, and then the rest of the time you make sure somebody doesn’t screw you out of it once you have it. Because then you gotta work more to try to make more to get screwed out of more. Awesome!

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.