Zack's Anger Diary: Never Trust Your Phone

Dear Diary …

We’re all very suspicious of technology right? Like we’re all convinced that people are watching us, listening to us, manipulating our decisions. I think we’ve all felt like at one time or another we were talking about something … like maybe you were just having a conversation about diapers. Didn’t type anything into your laptop, didn’t Google anything on your phone, but then … ta-dah! … an ad for diapers just magically shows up in your Facebook feed. Hmmmm … interesting.

I got duped into this once … thought I was gonna win a free vacation to Amsterdam because I was watching some show about a restaurant there, and then the very next day I get an ad in my feed … “Enter for your chance to win a trip to Amsterdam!” … and it even included dinner at that very restaurant I saw on the show.

And like a dummy, I thought,” Well hey … it must be a sign! I gotta buy some tickets for this because the universe is telling me I’m gonna win.”

Nope! The universe was NOT telling me that. Instead it was telling me, “You sir …. Are a sucker.”

Anyway … my point is … we don’t trust this stuff. And we shouldn’t. Especially our phones. It’s like carrying a spy device around with us at all times.

And even while you’re nodding your head "yes" while I say this … explain to me how at the very same time you’re also someone who relies on your phone to remember every single password and phone number for you? Basically every form of vital contact in your life, and you basically say “Sure thing spying robot … remember all of these things for me so I don't have to!”

How do people not know their passwords?

I mean God forbid my mother in law get logged out of her Facebook account, because she ain’t never gettin’ back in because not only does she not know her password, she doesn’t even know what it might be.

That’s one I’m always amazed with … how do you not at least have an IDEA of what your password is? I mean I don’t have the same password for everything, but I have a handful of go to keywords or number combinations or whatever so I at least know what it MIGHT be.

And phone numbers … now I don’t expect you to memorize them all, but you may wanna at least memorize ONE in case you lose your phone and you need to call somebody for a ride. It’s 7 numbers. And really … if that’s too much for you to remember … you may not deserve a ride anyway … you may need to walk home to do some thinkin’ for a while. Fire those brain cells up so they don’t all just burn off.

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye