Zack's Anger Diary: I Don't Understand You

Dear Diary …

There’s some things I just don’t understand. Actually … It’s also some people I don’t understand. Buuut … people are weird … so I can totally understand why I don’t understand. Understand?

I mean picture this scenario that I’m sure you’ve been in. Somebody calls you. A coworker maybe. You don’t answer the call because you missed it, or you were busy, or you simply didn’t wanna because it was a coworker and you have no idea what their motive is. So you let it go to voicemail.

And then … nothing.

No voicemail. No text message. No second call to try to get you to answer. No follow up email.


So my question is … why the heck did they call in the first place? If it was something important, wouldn’t they need to eventually get in touch with you and figure it out? And if it wasn’t important … then why you calling me in the first place and wasting my time? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???

I don’t understand!

Here’s another thing I don’t understand … Rainforest shower heads.

You know … those big gigantic shower heads that rich people have in their bathrooms. And they hang in the middle of the shower and it'll “rain down upon you like a warm summer’s eve … ahhh.”

Guess what? They’re awful!

I stayed in an AirBnB recently with one of these things. And yeah … it feels like being in the rain … if by “rain” you mean a violent thunderstorm that catches you off guard and you have no umbrella and you feel like you are choking to death.

There’s no middle ground with these things. You’re either standing right on the edge … trying to barely stick your head in there while the rest of your body is cold and dry, or you’re drowning. And this stupid show I was in was also set up so all your soaps and shampoos were on the other side of the water … so it was like trying to pass thru a hurricane just to get some body wash.

So good news fellow peasant … your pathetic “regular” shower head is way better … so don’t be jealous of Mr. Rich Guy and his awful thunderstorm shower.

Till next time Diary ... I say … Goodbye.