Zack's Anger Diary: Go Home, Nobody Needs You!

Dear Diary …

It’s time for another round of “Go Home … Nobody Needs You!” … we’re done with you so cut it out and get out of the way.

Private accounters. Go home … nobody needs you!

I’m sorry, but I do not appreciate it when somebody follows me on Instagram … gets to see all my awesome pictures … and then I go to their profile and I get … “this account is private.”

Oh is it now Mr. or Mrs. Fancy Pants?

Why is it perfectly acceptable for you to stalk everybody else, but then all of a sudden “oh well you know I just need to keep my own information private.”

No! You follow me? I get to follow you. It should be that simple.

Also, I don’t like being made to feel like a groveling little peasant who has to ask for your approval to follow you back. Sittin’ there all smug with your “pending approval” button where you get to Lord over me and decide if I’m “allowed” to see your precious selfies.

I have a blue check mark next to my name! That means I’m like … important or something … right? I dunno ... seems like it is. So you know what? You bow to me and the magic checkmark!!!

Here’s another one … Tattlers … Go home … Nobody needs you!

What is this 4th grade? I’m so sick and tired of grown ass people tattling on other people.

OK … committing a crime? Sure … you can tell the Po-po that, but complaining the HOA because you don’t like somebody’s yard decorations? Mind yo’ business!

I can’t stand “concerned citizens.” They ain’t concerned about anything … they just have too much time on their hands and they spend all day staring thru the curtains of their house trying to figure out who has a permit for their privacy fence or whatever else.

You’re an adult with your own issues and responsibilities … go act like one. Heck … I don’t even like it when kids are tattletales. My own kids come running to me … Isabella did this … Lennon did this … AHHH!!! Don’t care.

Do we not have bigger problems to tackle than this? Go home … nobody wants you!

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye