Zack's Anger Diary: A Waste of School

Dear Diary …

As the school year winds down … or is already over is some places … let me just ask this … Why are we all wasting our time? And what I mean is … when the school year starts to wrap up … I am quite certain that the last two weeks of it are chock full of … well … nothing.

There’s nothing going!

OK … there’s field day, and movie day, and picnic day, and “wear a funny hat day,” and whatever else, but there’s definitely no “do schoolwork day” mixed in there.

And before you get all “we worked hard all year and the SOLs are the worst and blah blah blah” … I’m not saying any of that is wrong. All that stuff is true. No argument there. But if there’s two weeks left of school … and we aren’t really doing any actual school … why are we bothering?

Cuz you know what sucks? Car line.

But you know what sucks more than car line? Car line when you’re picking a kid up from school where all they did that day was watch movies and eat lollipops. Because I can promise you something … my kid don’t need to learn how to do those things any more. He’s already the valedictorian of Television and Junk Food University. Already working on his master’s degree.

And if you wanna do all that stuff for two weeks … fine. But maybe the whole thing should just be optional. I kept my kids home from school one day last week simply because we didn’t feel like getting them up in the morning or having to pick them up later. And of course I still get the robocall … “your child had an unexcused absence from school today.”

Oh … I am SO sorry. Please let me know how much of “Moana” you guys watched today at “school” and I’ll be sure to get him caught up on all his homework.

This takes me back to the classic argument I always have with people … when you’re there … you’re there. And when you’re open … you’re open.

If you work at a restaurant that closes at 10pm and you’re mad that somebody walks in at 9:45 … then YOU NEED TO CLOSE AT 9:45 IF YOU DON’T WANT PEOPLE AT THAT TIME!!!!

“Well there’s only like a week left of school.” So?

If you’re open … you’re open.

And if you don’t wanna do anything … then just say “Hey … we ain’t gonna do anything for the next two weeks. So just drop your kid off if you feel like having free daycare … or just feel free to keep them home if you’d rather not bother.” That's all I'm asking!

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.