What Are the Worst Things to Do on a First Date?

A new poll asked people for the most unacceptable first date activities, and the worst were anything involving family members . . . and taking a first date as a "plus one" to a wedding.

The worst place to go on a first date might be grabbing food at a Subway . . . inside a Walmart . . . despite the glorious people-watching potential.

There's a new poll on the most unacceptable activities for a first date . . . and the one that rated the worst is meeting the other person's family or having them meet YOUR family.

Taking them as a "plus one" to a wedding was also a big NO . . . along with spending time at YOUR place or THEIR place . . . and conducting the entire thing over a video call. (This had a moment during the pandemic, but people are OVER it.)

Slightly less bad ideas include: Physical activities like swimming or attending a gym class . . . going on a double date with another couple . . . and shopping.

On the flip-side, the most acceptable options for a first date include: Grabbing coffee . . . going for a walk . . . going out for dinner . . . grabbing drinks at a bar . . . going to a museum or art gallery . . . or catching a movie.