We're Lying to Ourselves

Dear Diary …

I don’t know why we do it, but we lie to ourselves ALL the time. And I’m not going to sit here and act like I don’t do it, because that in itself would be a lie. I’m just as guilty of going to the gym, and if I’m there all by myself … “well maybe I only do nine of this exercise instead of ten.”

But then … I’ll still write down 10. Why? I know I didn’t do 10, and the only person I’m lying to is myself. Ain’t nobody else readin’ this list.

And you do it too … like when you went to the grocery store last week right before it was gonna snow and you said, “Well I’m only here because I actually NEED groceries … it’s not because of the snow.” LIAR! Any of us could totally live off the food sitting in our house right now for at least a week. You might be eating ketchup packets by Saturday, but you’d still be alive.

But instead … I saw all you hoarders stocking up on milk and bread when I was at the store, because … you know … like I actually NEEDED groceries … oh hell.

See? Nobody ever says … “Yeah I don’t really even need anything, but I was driving by and figured I’d take all the milk and bread with me.”

Just like nobody ever says “Yup … that’s me … the guy who hangs out in the left lane driving too slow and refuses to pull over,” or “Oh yeah … I’m totally the one who throws out all the tupperware lids so you can never find the ones that match.”

Liars! All of us!

OK … moving on Diary … mind your business. Why are we so obsessed with what somebody else does, or says, or wears, or whatever else? If it doesn’t change your day, then why do you even care? Somebody you don’t know does something that doesn’t effect you at all … and yet somehow that bothers you because it doesn’t agree with some list of do’s and don’t’s you have in your head?

Mind your business!

Also … if I post “Happy Birthday” to somebody on Facebook … don’t be moochin’ off my post and commenting with “Oh yeah Happy Birthday from me too!”

Get your own post! I don’t need you layin’ all over mine! I mean really what you’re saying is … Your post showed up in my feed and I realized it was your birthday, but I’m just too lazy to actually click on their profile and say anything, so I’ll just put “HBD” here instead.

Mind yo’ bidness!

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye