Facts Celebrities Probably Wish We Didn't Know About Them

A list of embarrassing celebrity facts includes Robert Pattinson playing with himself for real in the movie "Little Ashes", the maker of the "Jeepers Creepers" movies being a convicted child molester, and the Beach Boys recording a song by Charles Manson.

Buzzfeed put together a list of 21 facts about celebrities that they probably wish we DIDN'T know about them. Here are some highlights:

1. In the 2008 film "Little Ashes", Robert Pattinson isn't faking it when he pleasures himself. He tried to pretend several times, but it just wasn't natural. But he's talked about this publicly, so I'm not sure he's too ashamed.

2. Chloe Sevigny gave legit onscreen oral pleasure to Vincent Gallo in the 2003 movie "The Brown Bunny". Chloe has spoken publicly about not regretting it, so again, she's probably not too ashamed.

3. Gary Busey once got into a fist fight with another actor over what Heaven looks like. Gary believes he saw Heaven during a near-death experience after his motorcycle crash in 1988.

During the making of the 2003 movie "Quigley", Gary was supposed to film a scene in Heaven, but he got upset because he felt the set looked nothing like the REAL Heaven. Then, when another actor disputed Gary's description of the place, they threw down.

4. Victor Salva, the guy who made the "Jeepers Creepers" movies, sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy. He was convicted in 1988, and he served 15 months for it.

Yet he went on to make several other movies, including the Disney film "Powder" and all three "Jeepers Creepers" movies. The third one in the series came out in 2017, and it's his last film to date. (This should be more embarrassing for all the people who've worked with Salva since 1988.)

5. Melanie Griffith was clawed in the face by a lion and nearly lost her eye. This was when Melanie was in her early '20s.

Her family, including her famous mom Tippi Hedren, lived on a wildlife preserve with dozens of wild cats. So they decided to make a movie about a family under siege from lions, tigers, and panthers . . . and they used the untrained cats. Lots of people were hurt during the making of the movie. (Check out the trailer.)

6. The Beach Boys recorded a song written by Charles Manson. It was before he became famous for, you know, brutal murders. He was befriended by drummer Dennis Wilson, who brought the track to the band to record. It was original called "Cease to Exist", but they recorded it as "Never Learn Not to Love".

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