Are You Sick Of These 5 Things? You're Not Alone

A survey finds that things most people can't get enough of include sunshine, fun, and cuddles. As for what we DON'T want any more of? Check out today's list of the Top 5 Things We're Sick Of.

Podcasts. There's a reason you never made it in radio: you have nothing to say.

Emotional support pets. If you have to cuddle with an iguana to fly from Dallas to Sacramento, just don't fly.

Questions at the gas pump. "Cash or credit?" "Are you a fuel rewards member?" "Do you want to join?" What's with the interrogation? I'm at Exxon, not Guantanamo.

Fitness trackers. We already have something that berates us for not getting off the couch called a "spouse."

Comic book movies where the villain tells the superhero how much they're "alike." By now Batman should just say, "I know, Joker. Because you pointed this out in the previous twelve movies."

Lists. They're just a way to present a bunch of lame observations. Oh, wait . . .

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