Are These the Best Foods to Hide an Engagement Ring In?

The pizza chain Hungry Howie's commissioned a poll on the best foods to hide an engagement ring in . . . and pizza took the top spot. Shocker. But is the rest of this list any better? The top five are pizza, salad, burgers, soup, and seafood.

The whole "hide an engagement ring in your FOOD" thing has always seemed like a great way to chip a tooth. But if you're planning something like that for Valentine's Day, this list is for you . . .

Someone asked 2,000 Americans to name the BEST foods to hide a ring in . . . and PIZZA got the most votes. (???) The pizza chain Hungry Howie's commissioned the study, so that's probably why. But I'm not sure the rest of the list is much better . . .

1. Pizza.

2. A salad.

3. A burger or sandwich. Seems risky.

4. Soup. But what if they don't finish it, and the ring stays at the bottom?

5. Seafood . . . because a ring that smells like fish is so romantic.

The rest of the top ten are pasta, sushi, pork, steak, and lamb chops. (We were surprised baked goods or a glass of champagne didn't make the list.)

The poll found the best places to propose are during a romantic dinner, or on a trip. But 36% also think proposing at someone else's WEDDING is a good idea. (???)

58% of people who've been engaged admitted they REGRET how their proposal went down, and 45% wish they had a do-over.