Antoine's Binge Watch Weekend

Paws of Fury

A down-on-his-luck hound finds himself in a town full of cats who need a hero to defend them from a ruthless villain's evil plot to wipe their village off the map. With help from a reluctant trainer, the underdog must assume the role of fearsome samurai and team up with the felines to save the day. The only problem is -- they all hate dogs.

Location: Movie Theater

The Rehearsal

Bona fide genius Nathan Fielder's new show is, like most of his projects, not too forthcoming on the deets. But here's what we do know: Fielder is going to help regular people prepare for big moments in their lives by creating simulations of whatever it is they're about to experience, and running them through what will happen. Presumably, that also includes what could go wrong. Sure, it may not sound like much of a premise, but this is Nathan Fielder we're talking about. You can trust him, he went to business school and got good grades.

Location: HBOMax

Resident Evil

Fourteen years after a deadly virus caused a global apocalypse, Jade Wesker fights for survival in a world overrun by infected creatures while being haunted by her past, her father, and what happened to her sister, Billie.

Location: Netflix