A Study Figured Out the Most Boring Jobs and Hobbies You Can Have

A study in England looked at jobs and personality traits we consider "boring." It found the most boring person in the world is a data analyst who lives in a rural area, watches a lot of TV, is probably religious, and sleeps a lot.

Sure, data entry might be a boring job. But if you also spend your off-hours bird-watching, a new study found you might be the most boring person in the WORLD.

A new study in England looked at the jobs and hobbies seen as the MOST boring. So this is all subjective and just based on what other people think. The authors of the study even said it's unfair, and just based on stereotypes.

But according to the results, the most "boring" person alive is a data analyst who lives in a rural area . . . watches a ton of TV . . . is probably religious . . . and sleeps a lot.

People were asked to name the most boring ways to spend your free time. The five things that got the most votes were: Sleeping . . . going to church . . . watching TV . . . bird-watching or "observing animals" . . . and doing math. (That last one's hard to argue. If you're doing math in your spare time, you're boring.)

The five most boring jobs involve: Data analysis . . . accounting . . . taxes or insurance . . . cleaning . . . and banking.

The five jobs considered the most EXCITING are in the performing arts . . . science (???) . . . journalism . . . healthcare . . . and teaching.

(University of Essex / Study Finds)