A Guy Lost His Car, Stole a New One, Let It Get Hit by a Train, and Then Flagged Down a Cop for Help

A guy in Florida left a bar Friday night and couldn't find his car. So he stole someone else's car . . . left it on a set of train tracks, where it got HIT by a train . . . then he vandalized a fruit stand . . . tried to steal a forklift . . . and finally got arrested.

Well, this guy had a more eventful weekend than the rest of us: 38-year-old Bradford Weitzel was at a bar in Port St. Lucie, Florida on Friday, and left after midnight but couldn't find his car.

So he did the only logical thing, and stole someone ELSE'S car to go drive around and look for his. (???) The night was really just getting started though.

He ended up stopping the stolen car on a set of TRAIN TRACKS. He claims it died on him, which seems unlikely.

The car then ended up getting HIT by a train while Bradford was running away. And the train flung the car into the side of a nearby house. But luckily, the people asleep inside weren't injured.

Bradford found a nearby fruit stand after that . . . vandalized it for some reason . . . and then tried to steal a forklift he found. But someone had called the cops by that point.

When they showed up, Bradford tried to flag them down like he was in trouble, and told them he needed help finding his car. But then he explained everything else he'd been up to that night, so they arrested him instead.

He's facing a bunch of charges, including counts for grand theft auto and criminal mischief.