Zack's Anger Diary #588: Stop Rubbing It In

Dear Diary …

OK look … I am aware that we living thru the Coronavirus. Heck EVERYBODY is aware! We wish we weren’t. I’m pretty sure if there was an amount of tequila that could be consumed that would make this all go away, we’d be lining up for body shots at Senor Frog’s.

We get it. It’s happening whether we like it or not, so why do you insist on rubbing it in our faces? Yesterday I see a preview for some show that's coming out called “Love … In the Time of Corona.”

Oh my God! Why?

“Hey it’s all about being in a relationship during the Coronavirus!”

Why in the world would I want to watch that? Why in the world would anyone wanna watch that? You wanna see what it’s like? Walk downstairs and see what life is like in your house!

It’s everything now … shows, movies … Oh my God I mean I’m pretty sure it’s law now or something that if you have a commercial everybody in it has to be wearing a mask. And if they aren’t wearing a mask, then every product at least needs to be endorsed by “a hero on the front lines.”

Don’t get me wrong … I appreciate those people but I don’t need to see commercials where it’s “Yeah you know my day is just so crazy working at a hospital and saving lives … so this is the meal delivery kit I like best!”

And the songs? Oh my God the songs … what a flippin’ downer. Every single one of ‘em is all sad and whiny and cranky.

Hey … news flash … you know what we DON’T want to hear more of? THE CORONAVIRUS!!!

Why do you think I’m watching reruns of “The Office” right now? I wanna escape from real life suckitude.

Guess what else I want, music? Fun stuff with a beat!! I don’t wanna be reminded that we’re in 2020. Remember when they used to party like it’s 1999? I’m fine with even just 2019.

Stop trying to rub it all in our faces and remind us over and over and over and over. Yes … we all know it’s “tough times,” but you don’t gotta remind us every time you want to sell paint. Remember the “Whazzup???” guys? I’d kill for them to just be goofy and stupid right now. Oh wait ... they DID bring them back and remind us that they were in the Coronavirus! Stop it!!!

Do your job … make us happy!

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.