Anger Diary #582: The S Word

Dear Diary …

You know … some people call it “the S word” and act like you’re not supposed to say it. But I’m gonna say it … because sometimes “the S word” is the perfect word to describe certain things that are … well … STUPID!

Hey … I get it. It can be insulting to call someone or something stupid. Buuut … if they’re stupid … what else you gonna say?

Cuz you know what’s stupid now? Having to pack for any kind of trip. Packing stinks anyway, but now that we live in Corona-land (which is already very very stupid), now we gotta go through this extra step of making sure we pack 257 different sanitary items. Wipes, hand sanitizer, soaps, paper towels, masks, sprays … STUPID! In the past you could just trust that that stuff would be there, or you could just go to the store and grab what you need, but not any more. Now you gotta pack everything yourself and act like you’re going on a road trip to Antarctica where there’s gonna be absolutely nothing there except empty shelves and penguins.

Here’s another thing … people talking to you while they’re in another room. Stupid!

You can NEVER hear these people! “Hey Zack … can you mumble mumble mumble mumble?”

And even when you tell them you can’t hear them … they don’t change anything. They just say it again … “can you mumble mumble mumble mumble?”

Yo … stupid … if you want me to hear you, you’re gonna have to get up off your butt and come into the room where I am. I can’t hear you over air conditioners and TVs and appliances and God knows what else.

And let’s be honest here, 99% of the time this happens it’s when one of my children is sitting on their lazy butts, watching TV, and they just want me to get them a snack. Get your own stupid snack!

Oh man … snacks really are stupid. All day long with these things … chips, Cheezits, Goldfish, granola bars, cheese sticks, GoGurts, Takis … you name it … they’ll eat it day in and day out. And don’t forget … almost all of these snacks are eaten after a meal where they were “too full” to finish what was on their plate. But never too full for Goldfish! Stupid!

But hey … what can I really expect? Because if we’re being honest here, most of the world is … well … stupid. And there’s not really anything you can do about it other than just try to build yourself a little bubble of “halfway smart” and hope that the rest of stupid doesn’t penetrate that bubble too much.

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.