Anger Diary #581: Whole Lotta Small Talk

Dear Diary …

Without a doubt I am excited and hopeful that we are moving in the right direction in our little Coronovirus universe. I’m happy that things are opening back up, people are going back to work, and things are happening again.

That said … I am definitely NOT looking forward to the return of one thing … small talk. I would say, “Oh lord have mercy on all of us,” but I ain’t gonna lie … It’s mostly “Lord have mercy on ME.” Oh my God I hate small talk … and this is about the be the most small talkin-est we’ve maybe ever been in the history of the world.

You see Diary … I’ve been working the last three months in a building where 90% of the people have been instructed to work from home. I was one of the 10% going in. And let me just say … it was GLORIOUS!

No meetings, no BS, and definitely no small talk.

But now everybody is coming back … so that means one million conversations of, “Oh hey … it’s you! So … how’s it going? Have you been blah blah blah blah meh meh meh?”

Oh Lord help me. Because you gotta have that conversation with one person, then the next person, then the next person. Oh … and do it all behind a couple of dork masks and six feet of social distance.

And not to be outdone … now they’re all gonna wanna have meetings together too. AHHHHH!!!

Have we learned nothing from this pandemic? Can we at least come together and realize that we all managed to survive without wasting a crapload of time every week sitting around a table for pointless meetings?

Ugh. I’m starting to think last time there was a pandemic there wasn’t actually a second wave of infections, it was simply everybody realizing that they wanted to hide back at home for a while and not have to engage in small talk.

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.