Antoine's Binge Watch Weekend

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis

"The young comedian spends more than half her special combining this self-deprecating routine with her observations about dating, men, and sex. “I quit dating losers. … Losers are hard to quit. Losers are a lot like cigarettes. You have one in your mouth and you feel pretty cool, but everyone around you is like, ‘Ooh we’re sad for you. Don’t do that around my kids.’"

Through an uncanny ability to see her flaws clearly, 26-year-old Tomlinson provides subtle social commentary on her generation by mocking herself most and making the rest of us laugh while doing it.

Location: Netflix

Future Man

"Everything feels meticulously, lovingly plotted by the show's creators, but as it's happening it leads to numerous surprises and big laughs. Future Man is what happens when giddy, geeky and inspired storytelling is allowed to go full throttle."

Josh Futturman beats a video game that the rest of the world has given up on. After he defeats the game, mysterious visitors from the future appear. They put the world in danger, and Josh is the only person who can save it. He assembles a team to assist him as he travels through time, completing various missions as he does whatever he can to try to save Earth from the extraterrestrial visitors. Directed by Seth Rogan

Location: Hulu

Killing Eve

"Killing Eve is subversive at its most basic level, taking the classic good-guy-chases-villain template and placing two women in the primary roles. Sandra Oh finally has a role worthy of her acting chops. Addictive, entertaining and full of suspense, Killing Eve is television at its thrilling best."

Eve's life as a spy is not adding up to what she had hoped it would be when she started. She is a bored, very smart, MI5 security officer who is very desk-bound. Villanelle is a very talented killer, mercurial in mood, who clings to the luxuries of her job. Eve and Villanelle go head to head in a fierce game of cat and mouse, each woman equally obsessed with the other as Eve is tasked with hunting down the psychopathic assassin.

Location: Hulu