Anger Diary #568: I Have Homework

Dear Diary …

I think we can all agree that, for the most part, adulting sucks. Jobs. Bills. Responsibilities. General Bull Poopery. I don’t need to sell it to you … you agree. You wanna go back to being a kid too.

That said … there ARE some parts of being a kid that kinda suck, and it’s exciting as an adult to not have to deal with things like curfews, wanting to be popular, following you parents’ dumb rules. And the big one … homework.

Homework is easily one of the worst parts of being a kid. From the annoying day to day busy work … all the way up to the stressful term papers, science fair projects, and God knows what else.

But here I am … all grows up and finally free of the burden of all that stupid homework. Until I had children. And now … I have homework! I mean sure … it’s technically THEIR homework, but who you think has to actually make sure they do it and it isn’t lousy? Yeah. Me.

So guess what I had last week? Homework! I had a book report … I mean … My son had a book report. Oh who am I kidding? I had a book report! Now I ain’t gonna do it for him, but who do you think is gonna go step by step to make sure he does it? Me! (OK … to be fair … my wife was doing it too, but this ain’t her Anger Diary, so it’s all about ME. She can start her own lady Anger Diary if she wants to talk about herself.)

And I’m not gonna lie … I’m competitive. I want a hundred on this thing. I mean … I want HIM to get a hundred on this thing. Three hours … drawings, timelines, opinions. It was my whole night. I’ve got homework all over again! Ugh.

And he’s seven … I can’t even imagine what it’s gonna be like even in middle school. I don’t wanna have homework! I grew up so I didn’t have to read anything ever again. And yes … I could just not help … but I also want him to not have crummy grades. Ahhh!!!

Oh and guess what? I got a 97! I mean … HE got a 97 on his book report! And while I’m very happy and proud of him for doing such a good job … I wanna know where the other three points went! Where’s my hundred?????

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.