Zack's Anger Diary #559: Your Ridiculous License Plate

Dear Diary …

There are some things people do … that me personally … I don’t get it. But hey … if you wanna do it … that’s fine, but you still gotta have some guidelines. For example … vanity license plates.

I gotta be honest … before I moved to Virginia … I had never really seen a whole lot of these things because they were expensive to get. So nobody got 'em. But then I moved here, and for whatever reason, it was WAY cheaper to do them. So …. Everybody was doing them.

And like I said … not for me. I just can’t think of anything that I would want broadcast on my car all day, every single day. I can’t possibly have that consistent of a mood or outlook on life to be saddled by the EXACT same message to the world every day. I mean … I’m a Red Sox fan. But there are some days I’m kinda mad at them and don’t really want to give them a shout out. And I’m also “Dad of 2” … but you know what? Sometimes those kids are little jerkheads and they don’t earn those kind of props.

But hey … if you wanna do it … that’s fine. But we need some guidelines here people. In particular … you gotta pay attention to what other people see and whether or not we can even figure out what the heck you’re trying to say.

I say a license plate the other day, and I tried REAL hard to figure it out, and the best I could come up with was that it said “dillweed.” That’s right … Dillweed.

So now I’m left here wondering … did this guy knowingly put dillweed on his car? Is it supposed to say something else and I can’t figure it out? Is he a really big fan of his herb garden? Or maybe he’s just some dude named Chad who knows deep down that he’s a dillweed? I need answers people!!! Please tell me Dillweed … WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN???

You see Diary? Too many questions … and no answers whatsoever. You wanna have a funny plate? Fine ... but if I don't know what it means ... then what's the point?

"Well I know what it is."

Yeah buy if only YOU know ... then you could just keep that thought in your head and not broadcast it to anybody.

Till next time Diary ... I say ... Goodbye