Anger Diary #554: Don't Take Care of Anything

Dear Diary …

People try to give helpful advice all the time. They say things like ...

“Take of your body.”

“Take care of your money,.”

“Take care of your car.”

Awww … that’s so nice. But you know what … I’m gonna give you helpful advice that’s WAY easier than all of those things.

Here goes …

Don’t take care of anything.

That’s right. Don’t bother with any of it.

And you’re probably thinking to yourself, "Alright nutjob, how is this even remotely helpful?"

Well … I’ll tell ya …

Take my lawn mower for example. I take care of it. I change the oil every year. I change the air filter … the spark plug … I sharpen the little blade on the bottom. And here we are three years later and … it’s broken.

I did ALL those things, and now the stupid mower doesn’t work. Meanwhile, I talk to people ALL the time who have this old, ratty lawn mower … covered in dirt and that thick film of lawn leavins … and they’re out there mowing their lawn just fine. And furthermore, they'll tell you … “I’ve had this lawn mower for 10 years … never changed the oil … never took care of it one bit … and have never had an issue.”

See? No point in taking care of it, because you don’t even get rewarded if you do.

Think about the last time you saved some money.

I did that recently … squirreled away $400 when I cleaned out some stuff in my basement and sold some old coins.

Guess what happened the next day?

Air conditioner in my house broke and cost me … wait for it … $400.

See? Don’t take care of your money. Cuz when you do … the universe just says … “Ohhh look … he has money! Let’s take it!!”

And it works for pretty much anything. Last week I took care of some work early. And you know what I got? An unscheduled meeting.

Forget it … I’m not saving anything, earning anything, or taking care of anything, because all it does is go right out the other end anyway.

Till next time Diary .. I say .. Goodbye