Anger Diary #540: We Will NEVER Get Along

Dear Diary …

I get it. We live in a frustrating time. We all sit here and say, “Why can’t we agree on anything? Can’t we just get along for the greater good?”

And I’m here to tell you … Nope! Not gonna happen! Not now. Not ever. So get over it.

And let me tell you something else … You’re whining and you don’t even know what it’s REALLY like. “Oooh politics … we can’t agree. It’s so bad.”

Oh whatever … you don’t know real pain until you try to get two siblings to agree on the same movie. You wanna talk about impossible? THAT’S impossible!

I’m out of movies. That’s right, Diary, all the movies on earth in the history of ever. We’ve been thru all of them.

And to be clear … we’ve watched none of them. We just rule out all of them.

Hey kids … how about this movie? It’s about dinosaurs and monsters and fun things!

One kid … Yes!

Other kid … NO!!!!


Fine. This movie. It has pirates … and a fairy … and action … and fun things.

Other kid: Yes!

First kid: NO!!!


And that’s the story. For every movie. Ever.

And this is why we are fundamentally screwed, because it is in our blood to be disagreeable little turds. Somebody else wants something? “Well then I want the opposite of that thing!”

That’s why we can’t get along. And that’s why we’ll never get along. We’re just one big “brother and sister” that are going to fight to the death on every topic and we don’t even know why.

OK … moving on Diary … Since we’re never gonna solve the big problems of getting along, maybe we can do baby steps and solve some tiny problems? Who knows? Maybe that will be the starting point that takes us down the path of solving the big problems. Probably not, but we can definitely try!

For example … how hard would it be to provide a “one tiny line” warning when you're printing things?

I don’t know about you, but 90% of the time I print stuff, I end up with everything on it’s pages, except for one TINY line that has skeeted onto an extra page. All the time. Like clockwork … one tiny line just sneaking it’s way onto one giant piece of paper and single handedly killing every tree on earth.

This could be prevented! Couldn’t we just build a better warning system on our computers?

“Hey … so … uh … you’re about to print one tiny line worth of stuff on a page you don’t really even need. Are you sure you wanna do that?”

That’s all it would take and we would correct the issue and move on. Or event just delete that line and move on.

But nooooo … we waste that WHOLE piece of paper for one tiny line. Why? I have no idea why. Lumberjack mafia from the wood business? Who knows. m (The Brawny paper towel guy DOES look suspicious.)

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye