Ladies ... What do you REALLY want for Valentine's Day

Freddy Mac and I admit it ... we men are dumb. We TRY to guess what you want for Valentine's Day, but we often screw it up. So we asked our female listener friends to help us out with the things the want (and don't want) for Valentine's Day.

Here's what you say you DO want ...

* Massages

* Jewelry

* A card with a personal note

* Not to have to worry about making dinner

* A spa day

* Chicken wings (YES!)

* Flowers

* To not have to plan anything

* A movie

* A night with no phones or kids

* A puppy (ahh!!)

Here's what you say you DON'T want ...

* Candy

* "Quality time"

* Flowers (go figure)

* Lame dinners

* A card with only pre-written messages

Good luck fellas!