Zack's Anger Diary: The Father's Day School Screwgee

Dear Diary …

Another Father’s Day in the books … which really is shaping up to be one of my favorite days of the year. Cuz it’s all about ME! Now I don’t mind other times like Christmas or anniversaries or whatever, but there’s other people involved in those days, so you gotta make sure to do stuff for them, buy things, and get things prepared. Not that any of that stuff is bad, but it's still stuff you gotta do. I like a day that’s about me, where I don’t have to do any of that.

A lot of people get to do that on their birthday, just sit back and be celebrated. But I share a birthday with my mother, so I don’t get to have that same level of “celebrate ME.” On my birthday, I gotta shop for somebody else, so that just knocks it down a few pegs on the list. But Father’s Day, I can just sit back and let the worship roll in. And yes, I have a Dad, but he don’t live here. So he ain't bitin' off my worship. We can call him early in the day, wish a Happy Father's Day, and then … MEEEEE!!!!

But I got a bone to pick with schools when it comes to Father’s Day …

You see ... My daughter got all upset on Saturday night because she realized “I didn’t get you anything for Father’s Day.” Now granted, my wife had gotten stuff from the family, but my daughter wanted something just from her. Now not to worry … she managed to get it done Sunday morning and all is good, but let’s travel back in time about a month ago to Mother’s Day when this wasn’t an issue.

Why? Because she made something at school and brought it home. But Father’s Day … yeah there ain't no school, and I guess toward the end of school we conflicted with the scheduling of summer vacation pool time. Sorry Dad! You get nothing!

And it’s not that I expect the school to do stuff like this … but if you do it for Mom … you gotta do it for Dad.

You had time. I know you did because I saw the schedule for the last two weeks of school, and it had an awful lot of picnic parties, field trips, and movie days. Here’s an idea … the day all the kids watched “Frozen” at school … You know … the movie they’ve all already seen … How bout you make ‘em do some Father’s Day fingerpainting instead? Most of the kids probably would’ve preferred that over hearing “Let It Go” for the one billionth time.

I’m just sayin’ … if you do it for Mom … you gotta do it for Dad. I mean … ask yourself this question … what if it was reversed and your kid did a Father’s Day project at school, but they didn’t do anything for Mother’s Day?

Yeah ... there'd be riots.

And just because us Dads ain't gonna protest because it would take ... you know ... effort ... to do that. We shouldn't have to ... This should be a no-brainer!

Till next time Diary ... I say ... Goodbye