Zack's Anger Diary: Overhyped

Dear Diary …

It’s good to be excited about things … To look forward to stuff. It’s certainly better than just being some apathetic lump of “oh whatever” for everything you see and do. That said, we got a problem these days where we can’t just be excited about something … we gotta go overboard. We can’t just look forward to something … we have to lose our minds over it.

An example … McDonald’s breakfast. As you have probably heard, McDonald’s is going to start offering their breakfast menu all day. And I’m sure you’ve heard this, because we are covering this story like it’s one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind. Everywhere you look … McDonald’s will start serving breakfast ALL DAY!!!! Countdown to October 6th when McDonald’s starts serving breakfast ALL DAY!!!!!!!

I mean, you would think the Pope was coming to all of our houses individually for a cookout where he will give us the secrets of life after death AND anoint us all into Sainthood, when in fact we’re just talking about the ability to get a McMuffin at 2 in the afternoon.

Now don’t get me wrong … McDonald’s breakfast is awesome, and I think it’s pretty cool that you’ll be able to get it all day. But our excitement level over this is just a wee bit too high. I mean let’s be realistic … how many times in a year (non drunk or hungover) are you actually gonna order McDonald’s breakfast outside of breakfast time? Once? Twice? Which again, it’s pretty cool that you can, but chill out about it.

We love to just go crazy over little things … like remember that “Dress” on the internet? It’s black! No, it’s blue! No, it’s black! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!

OK … moving on Diary … musical taste is very subjective. Some people love a song, while other people hate that very same song. It’s a personal thing, and that’s cool, but every now and then, songs come along that just make me mad. It’s not that I love or hate them, they anger me because of what the song says.

Like Andy Grammer’s “Honey I’m Good” … I mean one could totally argue that you don’t “like” that song because of the hookie dookie “Oh no honey I’m good … blah boo dingle dong bingle blah blah should.” But for me … it goes beyond that. The song makes me mad … cuz of the words.

So here we got a guy that’s all proud of himself cuz he DIDN’T sleep with the random girl in a bar, who I like to point out he’s been flirting with all night while his girlfriend isn’t there. Where is she? Anyway, he says no to this girl and he's all proud of himself, but goes on to say “cuz if I stay I might not leave alone.”

“Oh look at ME … I’m a good boyfriend … cuz I stayed faithful to YOU, honey! Granted, if I stayed for one more drink, I totally would’ve slept with that random girl I was inappropriately flirting with while you were home alone. Lucky you!” What a lousy boyfriend!

Also ... who “bids somebody adieu” in a bar? What is that?

If I’m that random chick and he’s says “well I bid you adieu,” personally I’m relieved that I avoided hooking up with this dorkpile of a cheating loser.

Honey I’m good. No you’re not. You stink!

Look I know it's just music and it's not responsible for healing all the problems of the world, but sometimes the words are just so annoying. Like that song by Pitbull and Ne-Yo songs "Time of Our Lives." He knows his rent is going to be late, and he doesn't even have enough to pay it. So what does he do? Go to a club and waste all the money that he has. How is that responsible? see ... this is why your rent was late in the first place because you don't financially plan properly.

And don't even get me started on this Jeremih and his "Don't Tell 'Em" song. Look ... you and your secrets and your lies and your "Shhh ... Don't tell 'em." As a father of a daughter, I very much don't appreciate this line of singing there Jeremih!

Hey for as dumb as that song is ... that whip and the ne-ne ... at least it ain't telling you to get evicted or cheat on your man and keep secrets. A little stanky leg never killed nobody!

Till next time Diary ... I say ... goodbye.