Zack's Anger Diary: Quit Judging...You Judgers!

Dear Diary …

So for the most part … being a kid is great. OK, I should say “was” great, since I’m not a kid anymore. Granted, I still find the word “poop” to be hilarious, so I’m young at heart!

But you know what I mean, most of us fondly remember our childhood years. And we also jealously look at little kids today where “Oh man I had a big day,” means “I went to the pool in the morning and then I had a playdate in the afternoon with my friends, and then I had soccer practice.” And even still … at the end of that “big day,” I got to leave all my toys strewn about the entire living room and my Mommy and Daddy ... the suckers ... they had to clean it up while I sleep in a bed full of stuffed animals and dreamwd of sugar plums and butterflies. And that ended my "big day."

But growing up wasn’t without challenges … we all had issues to overcome. Especially in our teenage years, where I think we can all agree the biggest problem was … judgers. People judging the way you looked, judging the things you did, judging the people you hung out with, etc. etc.

Everything was judged. And we can all agree … we didn’t enjoy that, right?

So why is it that as adults, we are still a bunch of judgers?

All of a sudden we live in a world where ... heaven forbid … somebody have a different opinion or lifestyle than you do. And if they do … forget about it. The judgers are out in full force … well ... judgin’.

Good example right now … 50 Shades of Grey. Some people … man they love that book. They watch the movie trailer this week … they are PUMPED.

But the judgers? "Oh I can’t BELIEVE that people would DARE act that way. Shame on them! That is soooo wrong and gross."

Hey … I don’t judge you that your idea of fun is some sort of boring snoozefest-o-rama. I don’t even know what you like. Point is … doesn’t matter. You’re allowed to like what you like, and other people … GASP! … They allowed to like other things!

Not to say that I personally have a 50 Shades freaky deaky room in my basement or anything. Really my basement just has a beer fridge and a futon for guests … it’s a lovely finished basement … there's no swing hanging from the ceiling. Point is ... I don’t judge!

On simpler terms … no grown adult should ever say “Ewww” at someone else’s food. I like a medium rare steak. So delicious. And what I don’t need to hear is your judgemental, gray meat-loving self say “Ewwww … that’s bloody and gross!”

I am about to eat that. Don’t you try to ruin my food enjoyment … judger! You don't like it? Fine ... but keep it to yourself.

I don’t judge you when you put big, creamy hunks of cheesecake in your mouth that squirt around in your cheeks for you to enjoy. Clearly not for me, but I don’t think any less of you either if it's for you.

What I’m getting at is … weren’t we supposed to grow out of this behavior? Honestly I think we're worse now than we ever were as kids.

Don’t believe me? I got one word for you … politics. Yeah. The End.

Here’s the deal … we aren’t going to agree on everything. EVER. So accept that fact that maybe … just maybe … it’s OK to have a different opinion. Wow!

Think about it, all these movies where everybody has the same opinion … yeah they’re all like the Hunger Games where everything’s gray and sad and people shoot each other with arrows. That doesn't exactly sound awesome.

Hmmmm ... you know ... Maybe different ideas ain’t so bad afterall.

Till next time Diary, I say goodbye.